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  1. Yeah the same happen to me with some random crash
  2. Do you play quinn Top or mid ?
  3. Caravelle

    Skin Changer

    Must have script, allow you to play with literraly EVERY SKIN in the game, i love this so much
  4. Caravelle

    Tahm Exploit

    thank you boss funny as fuck but i experience some random crash while using it 🙂
  5. Just wanted to give you a feedback, tested your Ez script ( wich is WIP I guess ) , the combo and all is very smooth, hit faster than the internal one, but i feel like the prediction is off. I've played many game with Ez to compare your script pred and the internal one, and i feel like the internal is more accurate thanks for you works ! this is just a constructiv feedback , not blaming you or your work here 🙂
  6. Only ADC because i feel the prediction is a bit off for specific champion, but with other ( like orianna mid ) it work very well


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