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    • Hello,  i don't know if it would work but you can try. Try purchasing Zenbot using another device and another network (mobile data)...  maybe it work. 
    • I just cant renew my month license. when im gonna do the payments it says there is an error. my card is active and usefull in everything but zenbot. Asked for support but getting no answer
    • Core V13.24.148.839 User: materasu#10762 Loading Bootstrap... Detecting DirectX... 9! Processed DirectX Stacking fluxgate... Loaded Bootstrap... 3312µs Snorting tactics... Accessing kittens... 5µs Wrangling the core... 39µs Dispensing chips... Loaded Renderer... 2458321µs Synthesizing Patreon... MenuManager took 50ms SpellManager took 6ms Plugins took 2ms Pathfinder took 16ms Loading fonts...  Aligning sausage... 37269µs Transferring backstory... 748039µs Mounting magnets... 700191µs Loaded fonts... 1486706µs Initialized Core... 1563421µs [7:01.19] Checking path C:\Users\User\Desktop\zenbot\scripts\ [7:01.19] -> J's Graves.zip [7:01.19] -> 14AIO.zen [7:01.19] -> ArgAIO.zen [7:01.19] Failed to load h-chunk [7:01.19] h-chunk: cannot load incompatible bytecode [7:01.19] -> BadassKayle.zen [7:01.19] -> CSXAIO.zen [7:01.19] -> Nyx_AIO.zen [7:01.19] -> skin_changer.zen [7:01.19] No externals loaded - unloading Lua...  
    • When can I expect an update to the current version of the game?
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