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    • Introduction we are thrilled to announce the release of our latest AIO series. Developed from the ground up, these modules are designed to enhance gameplay through a robust set of features, meticulously optimized for each champion. Below, you'll find an overview of the capabilities integrated into each module. Ezreal Features: Kalista Features: Download and Installation: For installation assistance, please refer to Azula's detailed Installation Guide or connect with us directly on Discord. Future Developments: We are committed to continual improvement and will be updating these modules based on community feedback and game updates. Feedback: Your feedback is crucial for us. Please share your experiences and suggestions to help us refine and enhance the modules. Console Errors / Logic Bugs / Suggestions: Console Errors: Please share the full console log either as a screenshot or in text format directly here for quick diagnostics. Logic Bugs and Suggestions: For any bugs or improvement suggestions, short video submissions would be highly beneficial. This allows us to quickly identify and address the issues. Suggested Settings: Orbwalker Configuration: It is crucial to set the Orbwalker's After AA Time Frame to 0 under Orbwalker > Configuration > Misc. For Kalista, maintain the default settings for Auto W on turrets for Ezreal. Practice Before Ranked: Test the module thoroughly in a practice tool game to fine-tune settings and keybinds according to your gameplay style before ranked games.   We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new levels of gameplay these modules bring to your zenbot experience. Warm regards, @ nitrous  @ Gariban  
    • +add fps frendly hud +add enemy tracker -fix ezreal w issue
    • +add Awareness(BETA) -update for some champ
    • Hello, u need to talk to some resellers like @ azula  @ Broken  and @ Deleted Account . All sell privately. See which option is best for you
    • Hello, you can buy with paypal and other options with the reseller @ Deleted Account  
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