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Community Answers

  1. 電池

    Private Zenbot

    message @ Broken
  2. https://forum.zenbot.gg/index.php?/discord/invite/general/
  3. Service should be restored.
  4. Upload as .zip to https://forum.zenbot.gg/index.php?/files/ Then link to it here How about including all other wardjump champion?
  5. Probably need higher humanizer, try Scripter+
  6. Yes, ignoring priority means ignoring priority. I recommend using 'default' instead though. It will automatically calculate everything and should choose your best available target.
  7. You can right click menu to reset settings. Humanizer will not interfere with Orbwalker DPS. If ignore is selected it will ignore everything besides what you set as priority.
  8. 電池


    1. Go Ingame 2. Enable Int AIO 3. Copy your key (Ctrl+C)
  9. 電池


    Fixed Kalista E Damage Adjusted Evade path hit detection
  10. 電池


    Added Jhin W after R4 Force Fixed Orianna E for damaging Fixed Pyke E magnet causing Orbwalker to get stuck Added Activator Flash<>Flash interaction Fixed Cassio E Lasthit Added Orianna E to closest ally hotkey Added Hecarim Added Seraphine Added Braum Added Seraphine to Evade
  11. What is your exact problem? Please contact me via private messaging system or open a ticket on discord.
  12. 電池

    New Loader

    old injector will continue to function as normal - the new loader downloads it as injector.exe
  13. HWID will reset automatically every 12 hours.


    You don't have permission to chat.
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