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  1. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Janna Disable Evade during R option Activator Ping Enemy Ward Akshan Q Evade Spell Fixes: Awareness Drawing Enemy Champion on Allied Camp Kill Rengar getting stuck after jump in jungle clear Sivir E throwing an error under certain conditions Aatrox Q Evade Spell Area
  2. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Improved Jungler Tracking in FoW Enemy Jungle Timers based on FoW Tracking Awareness Side Hud Clickable more human naming Awareness Hexflash/Smite Cooldown
  3. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Kaisa Targeted Spell/Attack dodge Vex Cleanse Viego Cleanse Fixes: Awareness Champion Hud missing Spells Awareness Side Hud Clickable Teleport Name Jungle Timers (Small Camps) Orbwalker attacking during Lucian R Orbwalker getting stuck on Ezreal/Twitch Sivir E Usage Xayah W Spam without target
  4. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Auto Lantern Humanizer Side Hud Clickable abbreviated Champion Names MIA Timer Clarity Keybind Reverse ON/OFF Configuration Fixes: Auto Walk to Edge preserve Homeguard after 20min Auto Recalc Ward overwriting manual buy
  5. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Tahm Kench W Evade Spell Everfrost Evade Spell KSante QW Evade Spell Fixes: Orbwalker getting stuck after certain Spells Slow AA after casting Kindred W Menu Settings resetting on game exit
  6. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Janna Q Evade Spell Area Veigar E Evade Spell Behaviour Evade Delay option Fixes: Charge Spell usage Orbwalker getting stuck after certain Spells
  7. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Activator Auto Rebuy Trinket Activator Auto Walk to Edge after Recall Hide From Capture (OBS / Replay) for DX9 Elise E2, R Logic Fixes: Elise W1 Mundo W SpellManager Lillia E Wall Collision SpellManager ZedQ/E spawning from ally shadow
  8. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Veigar Cage Evade Area Anivia R Viktor E, W, R Fixes: DirectX11 Evade Draw Buff Caster Error/API Activator Potion spam
  9. 電池


    Fixes: Activator Flash Aphelios Orbwalker DirectX11 sprites, color
  10. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Caitlyn Trap Placement prevent Overlap Alternative Draw Toggle - Use if Draws are disappearing Fixes: Activator and Item API Kalista Gapclose on Minions Attack Invulnerable Targets DirectX11 related Crash
  11. 電池


    try disabling pathfinder in evade menu
  12. 電池


    Added Everfrost to Activator Removed Syndra EQ Fixed Syndra R Damage
  13. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Evade Pathfinding Evade Manual Order Block Varus AP mode, RWQ hotkey Fixes: Orbwalker Caitlyn Passive Miss Fortune related Crash Diana Q Evade Area CN Font getting loaded per default on Riot region causing slow load
  14. 電池


    Fixed Azir Soldier Orbwalking Fixed Menu eating "Click To Focus" inputs of Target Selector while open Added Nilah (Champion/Evade) Added Bel'Veth (Champion/Evade)
  15. 電池


    Fixed Evade being lazy Added Nilah W to Orbwalker Added Aatrox Added Camille Added Ekko Added Galio Added Gnar Added Gragas Added Illaoi


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