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  1. Congratulations on the project. Very good! 🤩
  2. Int


    Try following these steps: 1. Make sure the Zenbot folder is on your disk C:/ D:/ -"in the same place as this Riot Games folder" 2. Run Loader as admin. Wait for it to open. After opening wait 30 seconds, close Zenbot Loader and run as admin again. 3. Make sure your firewall and antivirus are turned off. In Game: 1. League of legends is in windowed mode? (don't use me full screen). 2. Make sure the DirectX9 option is enabled. After checking all the steps above, please try to inject again. Otherwise, contact us via Discord: Int#5441
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    Version 4.7


    Store: (Accepts payments via card and paypal). https://eshop.sellix.io/ Store 2: (Only crypto) https://intplus.sellix.io/ Contacts: Discord: Int#5441 Telegram: https://t.me/IntTd Champions supported at the moment: Alistar. Annie. Ashe. Bard. Bel'Veth. Blitzcrank. Brand. Braum. Caitlyn. Cassiopeia. Corki. Draven. Ezreal. Fiora. (Beta) Galio. Garen. Gnar. Irelia. Janna. Jax. Jayce. Jhin. Jinx. Kaisa. Kalista. Kayle. Karma. Kassadin. Katarina. Kennen. Kha'zix. Kog'maw. Leblanc. Leona. Lucian. Lulu. Lux. MasterYi. Morgana. Nami. Nautilus. Nidalee. Nocturne. Orianna. Ornn. Pantheon. Pyke. Quinn. Rakan. Rammus. Rek'Sai. Rengar. Samira (Beta). Shen. Sion. Soraka. TahmKench. Taliyah. Taric. Teemo. Tristana. Thresh. Twitch. Urgot. Varus. Vex. Viktor. Xayah. Xerath (Beta). XinZhao. Yone. Warwick. Zeri. Zilean. More information here: Int++ Community
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    Complex KogMaw

    Congratulations on the work, kogmaw perfect!


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