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  5. Couldnt disagree more 1. More Champs?? Its a Script only for yasou????
  6. Int


    - Release Ryze ( Beta ) - Small rework on Akali - Akali damage fixed. Akali now uses R more often, no need to force - Fixed issue with Warwick's gapclose - Added more particles to Radar hack with Warwick's passive - Ezreal updates, combo changes - Now Xayah can focus the target inside the orb. It depends on the combo you are using. - Fixed Master Yi's ghost attack. Ghost attack now works (when at attack speed 1.7 > ) - Killsteal changes on most champions - Improved spell detection - This in the Smite utility - Fixed E + Q of kalista - Kalista now uses E faster - Now you can use Kog'maw/Kai'sa AP - New logic for Trundle's Pillar, now it pushes the enemy to tower - Taliyah's Smart W mode pushes enemies into turrets - KS Jungle for Draven and Ezreal improved
  7. I tried it and it has good performance. I think it'd be nice if other champions were added. And if you can test it for about an hour before you buy it, I think it will be helpful before other buyers buy it.
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  9. anyone know what causes this after a game?
  10. Only 5 euros for a script this good. Crazy
  11. Ye i figured it out thanks
  12. Pretty solid, been really enjoying it! Great job!
  13. a black screen appears when I open the loader, I started getting this error after resetting the computer
  14. Amazing release, I will wait for more champs from you ❤️
    I think its best Yasuo logic over there, absolutely recommend to buy. Its worth it + rep to Noel
  15. Hey I just tried out Zen, was nice n all but now Im tryna play on my main again, what do I have to remove/uninstall/delete to be fully removed? Thanks in advance
  16. rrww

    [Icarus] Yasuo

    Only Script you ever need for Yasou
  17. Climbed to Diamond with it in 1 week 😄
  18. best yasuo ever invented aint gon lie
  19. Int


    - Added suggestions - Added new functions for Caitlyn, Fiddlesticks, Tristana, Kassadin, Yasuo and Yone - Added some functions for Senna - Released the changes in Ezreal. ( Just for testing, not official yet ) - Tomorrow new update for finalization - Other minor changes and improvements to some champions
  20. [Icarus] Yasuo [Prices] 5€‎ monthly/ 60€‎ lifetime [Store] https://icarus-aio.mysellix.io/ [Download] https://forum.zenbot.gg/index.php?/files/file/94-icarus-yasuo/ [Features] Structured & clean code & UI Unique drawings Useful and fun exploits Smart logic for both laning and team fighting Special combos like e.g. Airblade (Keyblade coming soon) A lot customizability [Contact] For questions etc. you can contact me on discord: dr. noel#1205 (202465407540396032)
  21. noel

    [Icarus] Yasuo

    Version 1.0.0


    https://icarus-aio.mysellix.io/ Fully featured & customizable Yasuo script with several combos, exploits, smart adaptive logic & more. For questions or different payment methods dm dr.noel#1205
  22. Q - Loader error d3dx9_43.dll not found A - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 Q - VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found. A - https://aka.ms/vs/17/release/vc_redist.x64.exe Q - Game crashing on Inject. A - Download https://cdn.zenbot.gg/ASSETS.zen and place it next to your "Loader.exe" Q - Drawings might not work, you are using DirectX11Beta A - Enable Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode in Client Settings In-Game/Game Q - Loader is all showing all black. A - Disable Antivirus/Windows Defender then redownload loader.
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