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  5. Sick vayne , totally worth it
  6. Exory

    zeri script

    You're using my zeri, but that key does not belong to my zeri.
    Haven't had any issues with it and I do enjoy the activity and support on the discord (I lurk) - 5 stars 😄
  7. Thanks trying to help, although it didn't work...
  8. Very good im Tested in 4 Games, and i Loveit
  9. first game with Exory's Samira I did lv 1 pentakill opaf
  10. Thank u for trying to help us, but didnt help :/
  11. Hello, welcome. - The public version of Zenbot is detectable. - The private version of zenbot is a higher value and cannot be purchased through the forum. - External plugins are works, offered by platform developers * Yes, you can ban the account that uses the script ( public version of Zenbot ) 💢The difference is that, the private version is secure.
  12. Do I need an external anti blocking plugin when using scripts on a Taiwanese server, or can the script independently prevent detection?
  13. Hello everyone, try to log out of the zenbot forum account and clear the website cache, chrome_JwPhBEUmqb.mp4
  14. Earlier
  15. Yo, whenever I try to inject it, it always gives the the message "Not yet ready to inject...". I have DX9 enabled, I've tried opening the League client first then zenbot, I've tried turning all antirviruses off, I've turned off all third party programs, I've turned off Discord overlay, I've tried running it as admin, I've tried running it normally, The only logs I've gotten were from bootstrap, which I will send here. Thank you bootstrap.2023-05-29-19-11-39.txt
  16. Int


    Hello, welcome. Of course, just follow the walkthrough after buying the key and injecting the zenbot into the game. 1. Start a game and inject Zenbot. 2. Disable champion scripts from Zenbot core and enable Int++ within the Zenbot ingame menu. 3. Upon enabling Int++, the script will automatically redeem the subscription using the key on your clipboard. (If there is time remaining from trial/previous subscription, your key will be used after the remaining time expired) 4. Your subscription should now be active and ready to go, have fun on the Rift. Tutorial made by: @ Deleted Account remember to install DreamPred Int++ you need If you have any doubt contact us: Discord - Int#5441


    Can you teach me how to use it, I have purchased it and where to enter the string of CDKEY
  18. Hello, To disable pings from ward. Go to 'Activator' > 'Utility Menu' > Ward Ping (set it to Off)
  19. were i off pinging wards
  20. 電池


    Changes/Additions: Orbwalker adjusted lane clear Awareness more visible gank alert MIA notification Fixes: IsFacing
  21. It's not an opinion. The post on the downloads section (and my sellix page) both offer a comment and a review section. So this topic is reserved for suggestions. Again, i strongly suggest you move feedback to those sections. This topic is reserved for suggestions, or bug reports at most, which I prefer to deal with in private directly with my customers. In any case, I am not willing to tolerate mentioning other people's products in here.
  22. well this comment section isnt reserved for suggestions. people will look at it before deciding wether it is worth it or not since it does not a trial and for these people ill give feedback. But thanks for your opinion.
  23. good but not useful enough to make the price worth
  24. Alex Sanchez


    Is this better than default Evade?
  25. Alex Sanchez


    What is this script for?
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