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  4. A Simple Script. It helps you to: 1. Disable Evade Using Hotkey/LMB/RMB. 2. Enable Evade Using Hotkey/LMB/RMB. If the hotkey/button is not pressed, the evade is disabled. 3. Disable Evade if you are out of screen. evadecontrol.zen
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  6. This is a port from kornis katarina has been fully ported into zenbot by @Int. this has been private for a long time but since kornis is now gone we are going to make it public for all to use has combo change custom, logic everything same as kornis aio the logic is amazing and it also has laneclear. hope all the katarina lovers enjoy the script ty @Vaness discord invites (closed) https://streamable.com/sk3y68 https://streamable.com/s1fmgf https://streamable.com/bx6yly EvasioKatarina.zen
  7. can i download it ?
  8. Exory

    Exory's Gwen



    Premium Gwen script.
  9. Normally, 7 days But now league bans are not happening for some time.
  10. Iklsjicbryan

    Ban rate?

    Whats the bans like on this 100% or less??
  11. Zanthir

    EZ Nasus

    I mean it should be xd
  12. teeezy

    Exory's Samira

    anyone got settings for this
  13. Karma


    Service was not updated to live patch at the time
  14. nusim6MV

    EZ Nasus

    Still working lul?
  15. isas


    Version 1.0.0


    Samira and TS
  16. isas


    SAAIO This is my first script in zenbot Lib: TagetSelector champion: Samira Five Kills Reaper 😄 SAAIO.zen
  17. irontheiron


    Whenever I get in game and open the client, a CMD window appears briefly and then disappears and nothing happens. After pressing f1 nothing continues to happen.
  18. kazuki


    Added Rell to Evade Added Viego to Evade Reduced max range orbwalker stutter
  19. i have 2 bots on my server working fine without lags!
  20. Mexican

    1v9 Kogmaw

    Strong as fuck, thanks for this
  21. nusim6MV

    1v9 Kogmaw

    We need AP mode 😛
  22. Hi, I'm an advertiser, please buy my stuff.
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