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  3. isas


    Version 1.4.0


  4. isas


    SanAndreas SanAndreas.zen
  5. Hey i just bought a key, but it dont work, it says autorization Failed
  6. Caravelle


    Thanks boss ! I've been using Zenbot for roughly more than a Year now, and i felt like there was not much update that it used to be. But, recently there is more and more update, keep the good work chief ! 😁
  7. The same thing happens to me.
  8. 電池


    Fixed Azir Soldier Orbwalking Fixed Menu eating "Click To Focus" inputs of Target Selector while open Added Nilah (Champion/Evade) Added Bel'Veth (Champion/Evade)
  9. 電池


    Fixed Evade being lazy Added Nilah W to Orbwalker Added Aatrox Added Camille Added Ekko Added Galio Added Gnar Added Gragas Added Illaoi
  10. Exory

    Exory's Nilah



    Premium Nilah script. Buy now: 7-Days Subscription 30-Days Subscription Lifetime Subscription Source Code
  11. With internal mid : Viktor/corki/orianna Adc : Tristana, Vayne, Jinx jungle : grave top : kayle
  12. Who do you guys think is best to script on nowadays? Lots of changes since 2020, thought it might be time to update the Tierlist w/ Paid scripts.
  13. krootjamie

    Exory's Samira

    i cant buy this, the sellix link says 404 not found
  14. Hi, I logged on today with my loader folder not showing up anymore (I didn't delete it) and now the new loader folder I setup when launching in game is causing my game to freeze and then instantly crash and tell me "A critical error has occured and the process must be terminated"
  15. walsert


    Supported Champions: 1.Belveth Hex AIO.zen
  16. totomaikl201

    Dobby GP

    is it still working cuz it's not for me only Q on champs and ks R sometimes
  17. Would be great if your champion modules uses the default Zenbot keybinds for lasthit/mixed/waveclear/combo (x/c/v/space)
  18. GP not Qing/Placing barrels atm. Probably 12.10 broke it?
  19. yeah u right im just lucky and was able to play a month was my first time scripting btw. so idk wtf was goin on 💀💀💀
    barrel barrel barrel barrel barrel barrel barrel barrel barrel barrel barrel barrel barrel
  20. antoine

    auth failed

    I bought 2 7-day keys, there is one that I had already activated I have days left on it and it hasn't worked since today I don't understand? I haven't changed anything on my pc my hwid hasn't changed....
  21. How? even with fast pred It doesnt use w and q properly. I didnt like yone, he doesnt use his skills fastly.
  22. axorzwow


    Decent scripts and a lot of champs supported
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