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  1. but where can i see the Status where it says Detected? so i can check till its undetected and then use it
  2. so does that mean the Bot is detected? why does it show then "Updated to Version 12.1" also Chatbox told me that i am using it wrong if i got banned
  3. Can someone explain me how to use the Bot correctly or what to look for? I did use Scripts back in BoL, EloBuddy days so i have little knowledge Downloaded the Loader, Run it after im Ingame(no need for F1 Menu Pops right away), i use Default Settings sometime just disabling skills i dont want to use in Combo and thats it. After Game i close the Loader, then after im ingame i open it again Scripts i have in Folder are aioplus(paid) and XiAIO(paid)


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