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  1. kazuki


    Added Rell to Evade Added Viego to Evade Reduced max range orbwalker stutter
  2. kazuki

    can't buy a key

    You can try buying from phone via sellixhttps://sellix.io/Zenbot Via reseller https://www.leagueofkeys.com/product/zenbot-license-key Via forum zenny shophttps://forum.zenbot.gg/index.php?/membersshop/items/&catID=1
  3. kazuki


    Fixed Jhin KS W Added Jhin W after R4 Fixed Kayn W (Assassin W) Evade Fixed Karthus R "Last seeon 0s ago" Added Nasus Fixed Garen E Combo Adjusted Prediction Adjusted Health Prediction
  4. Drawings might not work, you are using DirectX11Beta Enable Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode in Client Settings In-Game/Game Auth failed (HWID Mismatch) Request a HWID reset e.g via Discord ticket
  5. kazuki

    I have bug

    Enabling DX9 Legacy Mode in Client>Game Settings fixes this!
  6. kazuki


    Added more LaneClear logic Fixed Orianna Q
  7. First time setup: Download the Loader HERE Start League of Legends (go INGAME, not the client) Start the Loader Paste in your key via rightclicking OR create a key.txt with your key inside (start Loader after doing that) Press F1 Have fun
  8. kazuki


    Improved .zen loading speed a bit Improved Color Pickers, added RGB option Fixed some crashes related to Collision
  9. kazuki


  10. kazuki


    Fixed Zyra R Added KogMaw Auto Q Undodgeable Fixed Ezreal W not shooting when Q has Collision Remove SpellManager Collision on Heroes Fixed Toggle Spell Farming Fixed Thresh E direction Fixed Lissandra not using R in combo Added Lissandra Extended Q Fixed Fiora Q Farming
  11. kazuki


    Fixed Target Selector Internal scripts and Lua scripts using Orbwalker farm API will now try to lane clear faster during "Fast Clear" Mode
  12. kazuki


    Fixed Evade still blocking movement if it gets disabled while blocking Adjusted Kaisa R Evade Position Fixed Evade Pyke R FoW Added Pyke E Magnet Fixed Fizz W Farming Fixed Vladimir E/Q Farming Fixed Ezreal W Structures Added Ezreal W Epic Monsters Fixed Orbwalker attacking Taric during R Added Evade max evade angle to mouse Fixed Morgana E Shielding Adjusted Evade Evelynn R Area Fixed some crashes related to Syndra Adjusted Prediction Fixed being able to fully unbind Menu Hotkey functionality Adjusted Prediction Fixed Evade trying to evade with Sylas E2
  13. kazuki


    Fixed Autolevel in urf (level 19+) Adjusted Prediction Fixed Single Target Spellfarm
  14. kazuki


    Q: Is Zenbot detected? A: Yes, usual banrate is around 7 days Q: What Champions are supported? A: Check Features HERE Q: What is the best Champion? A: Check out the Tierlist HERE Q: Is <ServerName> supported? A: Check for currently supported versions for all servers
  15. kazuki


    Adjusted MF Q, should hit minions less Fixed Orbwalker not orbwalking properly after Karthus Q Fixed Ezreal not casting Q if W was disabled Fixed Evade Gnar R Added Only out of Attack Range option to certain autofire if not dodgeable spells


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