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  1. Frank41

    Tahm Exploit

    Dosen't seem to work anymore after update.
  2. Video of Issue Hello ive been trying to explain this but my english isn't the best but i got a little clip showing the issue. It won't let me pass the skillshot even if i have plenty of time to do so.
  3. lmao why the heck would you even go into 10 games if you knew it after first game? and not try to solve the problem? seems like a very low iq play if you ask me
  4. Hello Fiora (Riposte) W do not block Camille (HookShot) E2, any chance it can be added to the list of spells to block?
  5. Frank41

    Dobby GP

    Thanks this one got my to challenger within a day really good script recommended 🙂
  6. most no try so no help but you try and find out and tell back you?
  7. Frank41

    Tahm Exploit

    You need to put the % hp higher it works. not sure about the skarner ult tho.


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