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  1. hsXD

    1v9 Kassadin

    Version 1.0.0


    Forum thread.
  2. hsXD

    1v9 Kassadin

    If you experience any bugs please dm me on discord hs#4935. Features: Full Q W E usage with auto + w priority after R R + W to ks in combo Semi manual R key Auto W for ks in and out of AA range Flash + R fastcombo (adc oneshot) Farming with Q & W (will be improved later) Everfrost usage https://streamable.com/pazso0 https://streamable.com/keaw5p https://streamable.com/2vqez9 Download Changelog: 2/28/21 initial release
  3. hsXD

    1v9 Kogmaw

    Version 1.0.1


    Fully featured kogmaw script made by high elo player
  4. hsXD

    1v9 Kogmaw

    None of the current kogmaw scripts performed well for me so I'm releasing my own. If you experience any bugs please dm me on discord hs#4935 Features: Q W E usage in combo & harass that wont cancel autos. Always save mana for W Max R stack & HP slider Semi manual R key Block R in AA range with W active Perfect Q & R ks Lethal tempo logic to not waste dps if W & tempo are active More accurate E & R prediction (you may want to use fast mode in the prediction tab) Download Changelog: 2/28/21: initial release


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