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[Premium][Featured] Exory's Vayne


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  • Exory changed the title to [Featured] Exory's Vayne - Custom Condemn Logic - FPS-Friendly - Ultra-High Customizability
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  • Exory changed the title to [Premium][Featured] Exory's Vayne - Exclusive Threeway Condemn Logic - FPS-Friendly - Ultra-High Customizability
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  • Developer

Hello, fellow hunters.

My 2-Year Zenbot anniversary is at hand.

My scripts are about to reach 2000 copies sold, a massive success; It's been some months now since I last had any reason to update them / anyone requesting more features, this means they've reached total or next-to-total development completion, which is a huge milestone for a developer to reach.

You're the reason they've reached this level of stability, so thank you, I really mean it.


Initially, I came up with prices that suited the quality of the early stage of development of my scripts; sadly, even if my code hasn't changed much, fees and taxes did, in fact they've reached a point where I've got to hand out roughly ~30% of the total price for each transaction.

Times change, and I've always assured nothing but quality and professional support, I don't expect everyone to understand, but what I'm about to say is something that I have to do in order to adapt to change.

Therefore effective immediately, prices will increase according to calculations.

  • 7-day key: 2.49 -> 3.54 euros. (PayPal, Stripe)
  • 30-days key: 4.99 -> 6.49 euros. (PayPal, Stripe)
  • Lifetime key: 59.99 -> 64.99 euros. (PayPal, Stripe)


Does this mean that you'll stop updating the scripts / adding more features?

Absolutely not, should the situation require it (API change, Reworks, etc) I'll still update the scripts as per usual.


Will the prices increase any more?

I'll never increase the price any further, no matter what, and they'll carry over to Zenbot V2 when it'll be ready.


What does that change for me? I'm already using a key I bought some time ago.

Nothing, any active keys will still be active and nothing will change for you.

If you bought lifetime prior to this change, you'll be considered an early supporter and will be able to keep playing normally without paying a single additional cent, I really thank you.


I'm deeply sorry about this, I hope you'll continue supporting my works.


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Would be great if you could make it detect Anivia wall as a condemn target (preferably on cast time if possible), me and my friend love playing Vayne/Anivia bot but having to condemn manually using this currently. Apart from that this script is 10/10.

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  • Exory changed the title to [Premium][Featured] Exory's Vayne
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  • Developer
On 12/25/2022 at 9:12 AM, robert vaughn said:

Tried everything i could think of and the script just doesnt work good I play better without it and im dogsht at this game 10/10 dont buy

Ok. Feel free to use any other product in the market.

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