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[Icarus] Yasuo

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[Icarus] YasuoYasuo.jpg


5€‎ monthly/ 60€‎ lifetime





Structured & clean code & UI
Unique drawings
Useful and fun exploits

Smart logic for both laning and team fighting

Special combos like e.g. Airblade (Keyblade coming soon)
A lot customizability


For questions etc. you can contact me on discord: dr. noel#1205 (202465407540396032)

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On 1/25/2023 at 9:38 PM, klkeee said:

I tried it and it has good performance.

I think it'd be nice if other champions were added.

And if you can test it for about an hour before you buy it, I think it will be helpful before other buyers buy it.

Couldnt disagree more
 1. More Champs??
Its a Script only for yasou????

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26 minutes ago, laxbro said:

script is literally worse than int++ it might even be worse than core i tested a bunch in practice tool it doesnt even have option for try to knock up more enemies with q3


It uses AOE prediction from core.

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