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[Featured] Exory's Nilah

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#Champion: Nilah

#Developer: Exory#0126


#Short description:

This is my Premium Nilah script, it has pretty much all the features you could ever hope for.


#Current Version:


#Latest Changelog:

  1. LuaJIT update.


#Developer`s Notes:

  1. Set Orbwalker`s After AA Time frame to 0.
  2. Test in a Training Tool and get comfortable with the amount of customization it has before using it in ranked.
  3. Please turn Internal Nilah off when using this.



  • 7-day key: 3.54 euros. (Stripe)
  • 30-days key: 6.49 euros. (Stripe)
  • Lifetime key: 64.99 euros. (Stripe)


#Download now:


#How to use?:

  1. Make a 'scripts' folder inside the folder where your loader.exe is located, if not already present.
  2. Place exorys_nilah.zen inside it.
  3. Copy the Key and create a custom/trainingtool game, the script should automatically get the key from your clipboard and automatically inject.
  4. If it didn't automatically inject, you will be prompted to enter it inside a small form, just paste it there and the script will inject.


Have fun, hunters!

Edited by Exory
Updated links.
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