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[Open source] GG AIO


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I decided to created this AIO to bundle all my present and future scripts into one easy download. Now with autoupdate !

Update : I have less and less time to play lol, so i decided to make this open source. Feel free to download the zip and take a look at it! 

Supported champions :

     - Lucian

     - Velkoz

     - Miss Fortune


There are too many features to list them all, but I always try to make my scripts as complete as possible.


Changelog :


1.2 : Miss Fortune release, Velkoz update

- Improved velkoz farm logic and q prediction

- Added Miss Fortune

1.11 : Velkoz update

- Improved the Q prediction : it should hit fewer minions now

- Added harass logic : higher hitchance for Q, use W to proc passive stacks

- Added farm logic : W,E on a maximum of minions, use E to proc passive stacks

1.1 : Velkoz beta release

Only combo is supported at the moment but more features to come soon !

1.0 : Initial release


Special thanks to Battery and the zen community for the quick answers to my questions

Download :


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