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Dobby Rengar v2


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 Hello lads, here i present you Dobby Rengar v2, stable version that is ranked ready.



version 2.2

fixed a bug where combo would get stuck after Q in bush /ult, should never stuck again in any part of the combos now.

version 2.1

fixed optimized jungle farm target selector that wasnt working at all.


version 2.0

current  forum version 2



  • Q1 as AA reset
  • Q1 if next auto can kill
  • Q2 as AA reset
  • Q2 if next auto can kill
  • Always Q2 before jumping to get the sweat extra ferocity stack
  • W1 for damage
  • W2 automaticly if hard CC detected
  • W1+W2 automaticly if hard CC detected
  • E1 in combo
  • E2 only if target is too far
  • Automatic Oneshot combo at 0 stacks and Q+W+E is ready and in bush/ ult (JUMP+Q+E+W+TIAMAT+Q2)
  • Automatic TripleQ combo at 4 stacks and Q+W+E is readn and in bush / ult (Q2+JUMP+E+W+AA+Q1+TIAMAT+Q2)
  • option to disable evade if in one of the combos above (highly recomended)
  • perfect tiamat usage (disable in activator)
  • E+SMITE ( will cast E and then smite minion to make E hit)


  • smart stack management
  • perfect auto resets with Q1+Q2
  • prevent of E usage is Q1 is up and 0 stacks ( you optimize ferocity stacks)
  • always Q2 before jumping for the extra ferocity stacks
  • Optimized jungle targetting system (recomended untill lvl 6 atleast or when you can OS camps)
  • optimized jungle will target Big krug first, then whatever is easyer to kill ( no more multi target letting all camp at 10 hp and you eating 10000dmg). will focus little wolfs first. Will focus little wraiths first
  • perfect tiamat usage (disable in activator)


Where to download?


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