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Mad AIO - The Heaven of Scripters [HQ]

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Champions Supported:


Ezreal, Jinx, Twitch

BaseUlt Champions Supported:
Ashe, Draven, Ezreal, Jinx, Senna

What is Mad AIO?
Mad AIO is my big long-term project for Zenbot. My objective is to do the most detailed and high quality AIO you have ever seen. I will try my best to keep it constantly updated, taking care as much as possible to your feedbacks and reports!




Mad Jinx


* Q Switch based on distance (prefer closest target)
* Q AoE
* Q harass
* Q jungleclear / laneclear / lasthit
* W combo (out of range or not)
* W harass
* W jungleclear / laneclear / lasthit
* W on CC w/ blacklist
* E on CC w/ blacklist
* E autointerrupt w/ blacklist
* E on TP pos
* E antigapcloser (with blacklist)
* R execute (only if out of aa or not)

Mad Twitch


* Auto Q if Lethal Tempo is active (will turn off if you don't have Lethal Tempo)
* Auto Q if enemy is killed
* 2 Q Combo Logics: Before AA and After AA <- will turn off if Auto Q Lethal Tempo is Enabled!
* Q jungleclear usage
* Q escape with Flee Key
* Q invisible recall
* W in combo with many checks: No cast while R, No cast for mana E, No cast if killable with X AA, if can hit X enemies
* W harass if can hit X enemies
* W laneclear and jungleclear
* 3 E Combo Logics: Use at X stacks, Use at X% enemy HP, instant cast
* E last hit, laneclear, jungleclear
* E perfect execute, E if X enemies has X stacks, E if enemy is leaving range with X stacks, E if about to die
* R if Lethal Tempo is active and if X enemies in range
* Killsteal
* Anti-Gapcloser
* Visuals: Ranges, Stealth Duration, Stacks, E damage on hp bar and % over hp bar on enemies and monsters

Mad Ezreal


* Q Combo with 3 Logics (Recommended: Smart)
* Auto Q Harass and Q Harass with 2 priorities (Prio: Enemy or Minion)
* Auto Q Last Hit
* Q LaneClear with 2 Modes (Modes: Push or LastHit)
* Q JungleClear
* W Combo with 3 Logics (Recommended: Smart)
* W LaneClear on Turrets / Inhibs / Nexus
* W JungleClear on Drake and Herald / Baron
* R execute and Force Cast
* Auto R on CCd enemies with blacklist
* Killsteal with AA and Q
* Anti-Gapcloser Safe Logic with blacklist
* Auto Tear Stack with tons of customization (Support all kind of Quick Charges Tears)
* Flee with E to escape




# Update 1.5.5
* Removed Mad Kalista -> Released Mad Kalista Revamp Standalone (PAID)

# Update 1.5.1 and 1.5.2
* 1.5.1: Tear Stack Fix for Mad Ezreal
* 1.5.2: Hotfix: Mad Kalista and Mad Twitch -> Should be fixed E execution fail.

# Update 1.5
* Added Mad Ezreal v1.0

# Update 1.4.6
* Mad Twitch UPDATE: 0.996, added Q after kill if X enemies around | improved W cast logic

# Update 1.4.5
* Mad Jinx UPDATE: 1.1, refined Q AoE logic on combo, works significally better. (If enabled, when an enemy is near your target and is in the splash damage range of rockets, will auto change from minigun to rockets, no matter the distance.)
* Mad Twitch UPDATE: 0.995, code optimization.
* Mad Kalista UPDATE: 0.991, added LaneClear E cast if X minions are killable (remember to activate SpellFarm HOTKEY: M)
* Mad BaseUlt UPDATE: 1.1, added custom drawings when the target CAN be baseulted.
* Prediction optimization, should work slightly better.

# Update 1.4.1 to 1.4.4
* Small fixes in code optimization

# Update 1.4
* Added Mad BaseUlt v1.0, it will load only if the champ is supported! (Removed BaseUlt from Jinx Menu.)
* Supported Champions: Ashe, Draven, Ezreal, Jinx, Senna

# Update 1.3.4 and 1.3.5
Mad Twitch v0.99 to v0.993
* Added "Toxic" features: Show Mastery after Kill and Show Mastery after Death. You will find those under Miscellaneous
* Code optimization
* v0.991 to v0.992 were little bug fixes.

# Update 1.3.2 and 1.3.3
Adjustments to E Combo Logic, if Execute is ON, logic will stop if the target is at 20% HP to let Execute do his work.

# Update 1.3.1
Unable to load AIO fixed

# Update 1.3
Fixed Prediction issues (casting behind)

# Update 1.2
Mad Twitch 0.99 release

# Update 1.1
Mad Jinx updated from 1.0 to 1.1:
* Q Switch optimization
* Added toggle for Q AoE damage in Combo Mode, with customization
* Added toggle to auto switch back to minigun if no enemies around in a certain range (customizable)
* Fixed bug in W lasthit and laneclear

# Release 1.0
Initial release with Jinx and Kalista

How to use?

  1. Make a 'scripts' folder inside the folder where your loader.exe is located, if not already present.
  2. Place MadAIO.zen inside it.
  3. Create a Custom / Training Tool game and inject Zenbot.
  4. Open Zenbot menu, navigate to Core tab, down where's External enable Mad AIO (Zen)
  5. Go back on Zenbot menu, navigate to Prediction tab, set it to Mode: Fast
  6. Choose your preferred settings and try it before joining in a real game.




Edited by MadJoee
Update 1.5.5 - Removed Mad Kalista
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