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Jonathan's Graves! (Free & open-source)


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  • Developer

Jonathan's Graves by Jonathan 😛 Version: 1.23 - 09/18/2020

note: Please use Zenbot orbwalker                                    


  • Draw all ranges
  • Draw when reloading
  • Auto reset with E
  • Sexy combo with space-bar 
  • Nice wall bounce considerations with Q
  • Harass and lane-clear with Q,W,E 
  • Clear lane efficiently with minimum minion count to cast W and E
  • Damage calculations to steal kill with Q or R
  • Smite dragon/baron/rift automatically
  • Auto smite crab/blue/red when enemy is nearby


  • added panic ult to do full combo with R on target if your health < x%


Edited by Jonathan
updating change log
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  • Developer
On 9/12/2020 at 2:37 PM, domTTRS said:

can you add an button to fire r on lowest hp? and also add an function to check if e enable to farm that he dont dash in enemy turrent :D?


hi! thank you for your feedback! Script already cast R when target is killable via kill steal function. So if lowest hp is killable, lowest hp will be fired upon. Maybe i am misunderstanding your request. Dashing into turret with E can be a problem, especially if you're just trying to farm. I will look into a solution for the dashing. Thank you for your feedback and kind words

Edit: fixed dashing into turret range. download new version

Edited by Jonathan
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  • Jonathan changed the title to Jonathan's Graves! (Free & open-source)
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