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  1. I decided to created this AIO to bundle all my present and future scripts into one easy download. Now with autoupdate ! Update : I have less and less time to play lol, so i decided to make this open source. Feel free to download the zip and take a look at it! Supported champions : - Lucian - Velkoz - Miss Fortune There are too many features to list them all, but I always try to make my scripts as complete as possible. Changelog : Special thanks to Battery and the zen community for the quick answers to my questions Download :
  2. Version 1.2


    Contains : Lucian, Velkoz, Miss Fortune For more details, check out the topic : GG-AIO.zen
  3. Your lucian script is great but sometimes it doesn't work. I mean in certain circumstances i've yet to understand, it just won't combo at all, like it won't cast spells


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