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  1. Would be great if your champion modules uses the default Zenbot keybinds for lasthit/mixed/waveclear/combo (x/c/v/space)
  2. GP not Qing/Placing barrels atm. Probably 12.10 broke it?
    Many champs are supported, and most of them are good enough to be used in high elo. Would recommend 🙂
  3. 1: When standing close to the trap (not close enough to trigger the trap) evade will sometimes prevent you from auto attacking the trap 2: Evade will continue to avoid the trap area even after the trap has expired (drawings for that trap does not disappear as well) 3: When evading skillshots around traps (such as Caityln W), evade will sometimes path onto the trap even though there are better possible pathing to dodge the skillshot Feel free to comment if you have other findings about evading traps
  4. As the title says, feel free to post below if you found other spell that evade does not dodge properly. Edit 1: Camille E is never dodged properly. Evade will try to dodge it, but you get stunned regardless. (Already added extra width to the spell while testing) Edit 2: Akshan Q is not in spell database hence evade is not dodging, same with Tahm Kench W. Edit 3: Blue Kayn W is not dodged most of the time, drawings of the spell is accurate though.
  5. As the title says, the orbwalker is not detecting the extra auto attack range granted by Caityln's W / E. To auto attack the targets affected by W / E using the orbwalker, we will still need to walk towards the target so it is within Caitlyn's normal auto attack range.
  6. Soraka will use her ultimate automatically for teammates that are already dead. Example: Teammate 1 died when Soraka's ultimate is on cooldown -> Soraka will cast her ultimate as soon as it is back up, even when Teammate 1 still has not respawned.
  7. Nami always casts her ultimate towards the bottom left of the map during combo mode (When spacebar is held).
  8. @ 電池 As the title says, Brand does not cast E instantly when in range (It should because it is a point and click ability not skillshot) It is acting like prediction is needed to have it casted. Can you please look into that?


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