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  1. Yes. Not that it needs updating though.
  2. Broken said it hits fine in challenger. No work will be done on the E.
  3. Exory

    zeri script

    You're using my zeri, but that key does not belong to my zeri.
  4. It's not an opinion. The post on the downloads section (and my sellix page) both offer a comment and a review section. So this topic is reserved for suggestions. Again, i strongly suggest you move feedback to those sections. This topic is reserved for suggestions, or bug reports at most, which I prefer to deal with in private directly with my customers. In any case, I am not willing to tolerate mentioning other people's products in here.
  5. I'd appreciate if you could refrain from mentioning other devs' products in my topics. These are reserved for suggestions. I offer high-quality standalone scripts. If you don't think they're worth buying, you're free to not buy them.
  6. I have finished to rework this script. Reworked version: Enjoy.
  7. Links restored.
  8. Links restored.
  9. Links restored.
  10. Ok. Feel free to use any other product in the market.
  11. Got a few challenger users already, they love the Es. So no rework will be done.


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