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  1. Added Yuumi+ see full changelog on the download page
  2. You can use the internal prediction if you disable custom prediction in Ezreal+ menu
  3. xopqjlkxbz


    Version 1.1.9


    Contains: Twitch Camille Shaco Talon Lucian Ezreal (Premium) Janna Katarina (Premium) Kaisa (Premium) Irelia (Premium) Yuumi Premium topic (purchase here): Free topic:
  4. Link to AIO+ Premium topic: Free version contains: Twitch Camille Shaco Talon Lucian Janna Yuumi Note that the AIO is in development and will contain more champions based on what i feel like doing and what people request the most Try the scripts in practice tool, by default they should have the best settings but you can obviously change them As the scripts are quite detailed writing all the features would just make the topic huge, i can assure you that my scripts are really close to the best you can have on these champions try it by yourself and you will understand, if it does not match your expectations please write any of your suggestions. If you want to donate any amount to support me (BTC address) 3MDZr61KroVNUHEfFPaZmwpkMqiLijoeCZ, even a very small amount is appreciated If there is any problem you're welcome in my DMs Feedback is appreciated Please write a review on the download page and like the topic, helps a lot! Clips: Katarina (Premium) https://streamable.com/dh7u5z https://streamable.com/43jxhs https://streamable.com/1unax4 https://streamable.com/d3qb7v Twitch https://streamable.com/dcynui Irelia (Premium) https://streamable.com/url2nw https://streamable.com/kzkyek https://streamable.com/1qnobe


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