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  1. Well then, would it be possible to add an option like this : But for minions/monsters/etc ? There is absolutely no point in using aa most of the time when it isn't charged or if they are not below 35%HP. It used to work like that before and it was good.
  2. Yes, but before, even if it the whole "block autoattacks" settings were ticked, it still used the aa when target hp was < 35% OR bar was full. Now it does not anymore. It's either perma auto attacking creeps,etc or not at all. That is what I am pointing out.
  3. Sorry if my initial message was not clear. I'll reformulate, hoefully this post will be more understandable : - I didn't have this issue until I played on Tuesday. Script updated on Tuesday (I think?) - Before Tuesday, I mosly used the script without any customization from me. What it used to do was : - Using Q to laneclear, and aa IF minions/monters/turret hp was < 35%hp OR aa fully charged. Which was perfect. - And on tuesday, it stopped using AA on minions/monsters/turret at all. And now, to "fix" in a temporary manner the last issue I mentionned of "not auto-attacking monsters/minions/turret", I had to untick the "block auto while farming" or whatever. I'll try again on sunday if I have time and edit the post to provide a video if it is still happening.
  4. farm used to be much better few days ago, did something changed ? It used to use the aa to compensate the q "hiccups", now it seems like it isn't using q anymore on monsters/creeps. Is it possible to revert the last update ? Farming worked kinda good before, or perhaps add the option to use the 35% buff / max charge aa on minons & monsters like it used to be ? I kinda liked that. I kept the habit to farm manually or out of aa range if i want to save my fully charged aa. EDIT : Disabling the "block auto attacks" patially fixes the issue. Upon disabling, zeri will always use aa. Even if minion hp is > 35%.
  5. Eveley

    Akshan ?

    Nobody has made an akshan script at the moment. Akshan with orb works, kinda. The orb will only use the first auto (which is kinda nice with the ms buff and all), but never the second one. You'll have to orbwalk yourself if you want to maximize your damage. Basically : orb works, kinda. You will have to use spells etc yourself.
  6. its kinda good i think you should buy this guys
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