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  1. Version 2.0 _ Multiple fixes re-tuning for non-URF. Many targeting bugs fixed. My Heimerdinger custom script. Open use. I used script pieces from many open access available scripts. Not claiming I made it all, but most is customized from whatever I found online. I did not encrypt this because I think script examples are good to get other people to adapt or "develop" their own scripts. Use your Combo key in Orbwalker for activation. Set to "one key" in Orbwalker. Works killer in URF -- I regularly get 10 or more kills. Features: Drop Turrets if enough enemies or minions. Custom skill shot targeting that works great. E bombs preference if turrets nearby. Exhaust-Ignite ready. Calls up Ult Q/W/R under specific contexts. Auto levels spells (see order in MAIN.lua) Checks for Yasuo windwall and does not cast if windwall between you and target. Casts on all JG monsters, dragons, Baron, etc. Now refactored and stylized per MadJoe's suggestions. URF-specific scripting removed for now. Use the script or script pieces as you wish. Edit and repost if you want. You don't need my permission or to acknowledge me in any scripts you develop using pieces from this code. Total open access/use. ThisNThat Tribble_AIO_V2.zip
  2. Argy-- Is there a reason why Heimerdinger no longer works? I don't see it in the menu even though I have your latest 1/8/21 update.


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