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  1. # Update 1.5.5 * Removed Mad Kalista -> Released Mad Kalista Revamp (PAID) Check out Mad Kalista Revamp:
  2. Version 1.0.3


    The Free Elo Kalista you need. Thread: https://forum.zenbot.gg/index.php?/topic/52-mad-kalista-revamp/
  3. # Update 1.51 and 1.52 * 1.51: Tear Stack Fix for Mad Ezreal * 1.52: Hotfix: Mad Kalista and Mad Twitch -> Should be fixed E execution fail.
  4. # Update 1.5 * Added Mad Ezreal v1.0
  5. # Update 1.4.6 * Mad Twitch UPDATE: 0.996, added Q after kill if X enemies around | improved W cast logic
  6. Since I started to use scripts on LoL back on S3, I always enjoyed playing Kalista / Jinx / Draven / Yasuo / Zed and so on. Many many champs are very fun / op to play with scripts!
  7. Please try again now, was probably a fail in prediction filter. Reload the script!
  8. Champions Supported: ADC Ezreal, Jinx, Twitch BaseUlt Champions Supported: Ashe, Draven, Ezreal, Jinx, Senna What is Mad AIO? Mad AIO is my big long-term project for Zenbot. My objective is to do the most detailed and high quality AIO you have ever seen. I will try my best to keep it constantly updated, taking care as much as possible to your feedbacks and reports! Features: ADC Mad Twitch Mad Ezreal Changelogs: How to use? Make a 'scripts' folder inside the folder where your loader.exe is



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