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Still under development, but is in a stable state for a release.

Since there is no menu at the moment you know the script is working when you see in the game chat: "Kayle loaded!"

... also disable Zenbots Internal Kayle script if you have it enabled.

If you find any bugs or the script isn't working as intended please let me know. Also there MIGHT be an error in the console, display the console via: Core -> Console.

Some things to keep in mind!

  1. This script semi - doesn't support; support Kayle. It WILL NOT use W on your teammates. Will use R on teammates if you enable it.
  2. Lane Clear and Last Hit mode still needs adjusting.
  3. Despite it being the menu, the script does NOT utilize last hitting with Q. (Not yet anyway)


Current features when using Combo Mode

When in auto attack range, the scripts custom target selector comes into play, it will select the best target based on a scoring system which consists of:

  1. Closest Player to you.
  2. Lowest HP.
  3. Lowest MAX HP.
  4. Highest AD.
  5. Priority List you have set in Target Selector.

Which ever enemy has the highest score will be targeted. (Typically lowest health targets) If all enemies are out of AA range Zenbot's target selector takes over.

Auto Attack E reset, after your first basic auto attack, script will immediately cast E so you can attack again.

Automatic Q usage: Will automatically cast Q if Zenbot's prediction logic says yes. (You may have to cast Q yourself sometimes, Zenbot's prediction is funky...)

Automatic W usage: If your mana is above 30% it will heal you if your health is below 50%.

Automatic R usage: This is where the fun begins.

R will be casted if any of these conditions are met:

  • Health drops below 20%.
  • When there are 3 or more enemies within a radius of 500 units.
  • Execution ultimates. (Garen R, Darius R, Cho'Gath R, ect...)


Under Development:

  • Last Hit / Farm Logic Improvements.
  • Q Prediction Improvements.

Edited by BadassDolphin

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


Code reworked. Much more smooth, and easier to update.

Damage prediction is up-to-date with new and changed items.

Script for Kayle.
+ Smart logic for R usage.
+ Smart logic for W usage.
+ Last hits with E.
+ Custom targeting system.
+ Many adjustable settings through the UI.
+ Updated constantly.

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